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Thank you for serving as a reference for a Designated Design-Build Professional™ candidate. Your evaluation of this candidate is important in the application review process.
Your reference regarding the individual's work experience regarding design-build projects and professional knowledge of the design-build industry is a critical component to the approval process. Please be as specific as possible regarding your first hand experience with this candidate.You must complete all required fields.  Be sure to review your answers carefully before clicking the "SAVE" button as “SAVE” submits your answers.   This “SAVE” submission will be taken as-is with no opportunity to review.
If you have questions regarding this form or the Designated Design-Build Professional™  certification program, please contact Valexia Hall, Managing Director, Certification at or (202) 682-0110.
Thank you.

 Certification Reference Form


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"Owners" are organizations and individuals who control the design and construction decision process.  Owners decide what gets built, when it gets built and how it gets built.

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Please describe the candidate's chief contribution to design-build projects on which you have worked together: *

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