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The efficiencies and cost savings that design-build offers have been embraced across the nation at all levels of government. DBIA is committed to continuing this expansion and advocate for policies that embody Design-Build Done Right™.  
In state capitols and localities, DBIA, its members and industry partners on the national and regional levels are actively working to further expand design-build authority. DBIA also works with federal agencies and the U.S. Congress to assure that design-build best practices are fully utilized to deliver value to the American tax-payer.
To find out more about our advocacy work and receive the latest updates, visit the federal and state links, read our blog at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.






 Design-Build-Blog is DBIA's informal blog managed by the Advocacy team. The blog is updated with the latest news about design-build, personal behind-the-scenes stories of DBIa's efforts to promote design-build, and information we're hoping to get out to the public through social media and email.

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